Igniting Momentum March 2018

March 12th-14th

No workbook necessary, just bring a pen, paper and your open mind!


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Igniting Momentum is an integral part of you learning the skills you’ll require to achieve the level of success you want. It’s 3 days working with you to ensure you have the right mindset. You’ll learn how to truly master your own thinking so you don’t let your “old way of thinking” get in the way of your progress.


Igniting Momentum audio are posted shortly after the call


Day 1 – Monday Call 03/12
7am Pacific | 8am Mountain | 9am Central | 10am Eastern

How We Define our Experiences Determines the Quality of our Lives

Day 2 – Tuesday Call 03/13
7am Pacific | 8am Mountain | 9am Central | 10am Eastern

How Our Beliefs Are Formed And Shape Our Lives

Day 3 – Wednesday Call 03/14
7am Pacific | 8am Mountain | 9am Central | 10am Eastern

The Power of Belief Busters

“There’s a difference between INTEREST AND COMMITMENT.
When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient.

When you’re committed to something, YOU ACCEPT NO EXCUSES; ONLY RESULTS.”
– Kenneth Blanchard


The Core Strength Experience Live

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