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Do you know there’s MORE out there waiting for you?

Now’s the time to start living your life the way you want to live it.

There’s more of you that you could be showing the world!

Are you are the type of person that strives to be a better version of yourself? Because when you are a better you…that’s when all the magical things happen in your life.

This world is full of uniquely different people with different wants and needs.

Yet no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you want in your life, we all want to be better in the same 3 areas:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Finances

Whichever area you want to improve the most…there are answers for you.
Knowing how to make those improvements is right here at your finger tips.

So rather than just thinking “I want more.” – Let now be the time that you go get it. Now is the time for you to learn how to push past the shortcomings that haunt you.

Now is the time to overcome whatever fear stops you from showing the world what you’ve got!

October 22nd-24th, 2020 – Scottsdale Arizona!

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Now is the time to learn how to take your life to the next level, have more fun and create the success you want.

Come to CORE, re-invent yourself into the person you want to be and finally live your life the way YOU want to live it!

Core Strength Experience allows you to spend a powerful weekend working in person with President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, Michael Bernoff.A leader in the personal and professional development industry, Michael helps you get to the core of who you are with proven techniques gathered from the most successful people throughout time and history.

You will understand yourself like never before and finally comprehend why you do what you do. By making small shifts in your life, you can create a huge impact on how you live, how happy you are, and the results and success you achieve.

It’s time to reach within and grab the success that’s already waiting there.

All you have to do is draw it out, and that’s what the Core Strength Experience is all about.

Here’s what people JUST LIKE YOU
are saying after attending CORE


Get a Taste of the Live Event RIGHT HERE

The Core Strength Experience is jam-packed with strategies, tips, motivation and just plain fun.

But don’t take our word for it: See the passion, energy and excitement firsthand, when a roomful of people starts to realize their true greatness.

THIS is how we beat average, together



“This week’s summary – $26,500 closed business. $52,500 new business under agreement. New website online. Videos rebranded. New webinar at transcription. 900 postcards delivered. Pre-recorded message uploaded and attended to. I just do a little better than last week, each week.”

~ Dan Newcomb

Have You Ever Thought to Yourself…

“I want more out of my life!”
“I wish it wasn’t so hard!”
“I spend all my time doing the things I really don’t want to be doing.”
“I know I could be doing more with my life.”

You are NOT alone.

These thoughts commonly plague individuals, making them feel average and ordinary when they have MUCH more to offer the world.

You just have to learn the skills and strategies that will help you become who you’re really meant to be.

It’s time to stop WAITING and treat yourself to an experience unlike any other.

… and you don’t have to do it alone.

Many of us are searching for someone to help guide us along the journey of self-improvement. While there are many guides to choose from, none are quite like Michael Bernoff.

His approach causes you to look beyond typical self-help or motivation techniques, and instead search deep within YOURSELF for the answers. Employing his unique, honest, and impactful communication style, Michael cuts through the noise and directly to the heart of what’s keeping you from achieving the heights that you’re capable of reaching.

Put simply, the Core Strength Experience rests on the belief that you ALREADY have it in you to achieve your dreams.


What If You Could Easily Answer Questions Such As …

“How can I do more in my life than I am already doing?”
“How can I be even healthier?”
“What can I do to build an even better business?”
“How can I become an even better me?”
“Where in the world will I find the time for all of this?”

Most people voice these questions to themselves almost every day, but feel forced to set them aside due to the demands and chaos of everyday life.

Before you know it, you might have spent YEARS ignoring the questions that matter MOST to you. And even though you know this to be true, you don’t know how to move forward.

If you’re tired of puzzles without solutions, CSE is for you.

Because Core Strength Experience Helps You Answer All Your Questions … AND MORE

Here’s how it works …
Have you ever truly sat down and figured out HOW you want to live your life?
What you really want to be doing with your time?
How you truly want to feel about you and the people in your life?

This is an opportunity to gain clarity on how you want to live, and to also learn proven techniques to allow you to focus on creating that life and reaching your goals.

The thing is, you can’t afford to wait any longer. Whether it’s your business, your body, your beliefs or your bonds with others that you wish you influence for the better …

If you recognize the importance of taking action, then do yourself a favor and take it now. It’s time to experience for yourself how powerful this live event can be for YOU.

“I have not always been this confident vibrant women. You should have seen me 5 year ago: 100 pounds over my ideal weight, and unable to participate physically in the world at the level that my brain & heart desired. What a unique perspective on the world this gave me! I decided that I, my family, my businesses, communities deserved an updated version of “me” that could distribute my gifts more easily through the world.”

~ Michelle Gearhart-Minick


Who Is Core Strength Experience FOR?

Let’s be very clear upfront:

Core Strength Experience is not for everyone.

It’s not for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to work HARD to find the answers to your deepest questions
  • You don’t TRULY believe you’re meant for more
  • You think AVERAGE is “just fine”

Because it’s not fine. In fact, AVERAGE SUCKS! And that’s one of the core beliefs of this powerful, live, three-day event.

If you believe that too, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in good company.

Countless people, just like you, have this and similar thoughts. The real question is: what are you willing to do to find the answers?

The Core Strength Experience approach requires you to look beyond trite self-help strategies and face who you really are and who you really want to be. You need to be honest, true and mentally tough.

But if you’re asking these questions in the first place, and if you’re here on this page searching for an answer, chances are you’ve got what it takes.

Want to work hard? To live the belief that you’re meant for more? To ditch average for good?

Awesome. You’ve come to the right place. Know this: You will never be ‘average’ again.

So if you’re TIRED of average – and you should be! – then the Core Strength Experience is for YOU.


Is It Your Time?

So … is it time for you to make a change?

Do you wonder how that change will start, and what it will require from you?

Well then, close your eyes.

Imagine yourself in a room sitting with others much like yourself, listening to Michael speak. See yourself perched on the edge of your seat, watching as he illustrates key concepts.

Envision that feeling of connection to the possibilities available to you in your life. Through these experiences you will recognize the opportunity you have to unlock the potential within you.

You will understand yourself, and others, like never before. This means:

  • Finally getting to the root of why you do what you do
  • … and why other people do what THEY do
  • Learning skills and strategies to change your behavior and that of others
  • Using them in real-world situations that give you much needed practice
  • Gaining confidence in these strategies so you can use them again and again, without thinking
  • Learning to trust yourself, and
  • Ditching average FOREVER

By using just a few simple techniques, you can make small adjustments that bring huge results over short periods of time.

And that’s what this weekend is all about.

Over the course of the event, you’ll learn powerful exercises in a fun and intriguing environment. It’s your time to learn, to grow and to shine.

About Michael

Michael is a guide, a guru and a coach. But while many in the world can say this, none are quite like Michael.

They don’t have his background of looking BEYOND traditional motivational strategies.

They don’t help you look WITHIN, instead choosing to focus on what’s OUTSIDE of you, which is not nearly as effective for change.

And they haven’t spent YEARS gathering the best tools and strategies from masters of success and enlightenment.

Michael has, and it enables him to cut right through the chatter of everyday life and target the heart of your purpose, abilities and SELF.

If you learn these strategies, reaching inside and becoming your best self will eventually become effortless. Over time, you’ll see the results you’ve always dreamed you were capable of, and finally reach the heights you’re meant to reach.

Michael is the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute. As a well-known and highly respected leader in the personal and professional development industry, he works directly with individuals and corporate executives who desire to transform their corporate cultures in an ever-changing marketplace. His passion for his work is limitless, and his dedication to positively impacting the world by empowering EVERY individual is uncompromising.

During his own journey of self-discovery, Michael studied and modeled leaders recognized worldwide for their skills and success. He focused their philosophies, strategies and techniques that have consistently produced rapid and lasting change. By combining a variety of these proven disciplines and his own strategies, Michael has created his own programs that have enabled both him and his clients to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve a life beyond limits.

“I am having a lot of fun being more aware of what my patients are really saying and being able to truly help them to get past their (issues). I am also taking more time out to have fun with John and my friends.”

~ Dr. Laurie Blanscet

When and Where Is the Event?

Core Strength Experience with Michael Bernoff will be held:

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel
Paradise Valley – Scottsdale

October 22nd-24th, 2020

Scottsdale Arizona

For this one-of-a-kind, live, three-day experience, you will gather with others to explore what it means to become the best version of yourself. Throughout the fast-paced live event, you will learn skills that help you:

  • Become bolder
  • Build lifelong confidence in business and interpersonal relationships
  • Increase your career success
  • Get fit
  • Make more money, and
  • Simply ENJOY this life as much as you possibly can.

So leave the questions and nagging worries behind. Stop wasting days by failing to live up to your true purpose and vision for yourself.

The Importance of Taking Action

At the end of the day, action is all that really matters.

When you finally take action, you’ll be amazed at the results.


Imagine what it would be like to have unstoppable, deep-rooted passion in all areas of your personal and business life. If you’ve been simply going through the motions for way too long, then it’s time to rediscover the people and things that truly matter to you.

Think what your life could be like if you re-discovered that drive inside you that enables you to take consistent action in ALL areas of your life. Pulling yourself out of those long-held ruts opens doors to new dreams, goals, possibilities and happiness.

Marvel at the idea of your deep-seated fears melting away, and replace them with courage and bravery that allow you to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Eliminating your mental clutter paves the way to making decisions in a new, better and smarter way.

NOW is the time to learn how to take your life to the next level, enjoy it more and create the success you want.

Let’s begin.