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“If you are looking for a dynamic, energized, and gifted speaker who will not only keep your audience literally on the edge of their seats—but also give them a blueprint for positive change in their lives, Michael Bernoff is your ultimate solution.”


He went on to develop his proprietary Human Interaction Technology programs, inspiring individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives all around the world to achieve their best lives yet.

His frontline experience and “tell it like it is” style strikes a chord with his audiences, and consistently commands their attention. But even better, Michael’s cutting edge, smart strategies are enduring—and your audience will thank you for it.

Whether your group is looking for increased financial rewards in their lives, the ability to become master communicators, or simply want to finally achieve the goals they have longed for—Michael is the rocket fuel that will launch your audience to higher levels of success.

When you experience Michael Bernoff’s well orchestrated, engaging, and powerful presentations, be prepared for dramatic change for your participants in all areas of their lives—financial, personal, and even physical. You will soon see why many confirm that Michael Bernoff’s unique and riveting programs positively impact lives forever.

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  • Brian Grayson

    “This morning, I checked my stats and one of the tests blew up and we made a 500% return! It is now ready to scale and I am so excited because I can see where to head next. Big Thanks for what you do!”

  • Diane Lowman

    “I really enjoyed this week, I have learned so much that I will put into practice immediately. I began the week Terrified and ended the week buzzing with excitement! Thanks Again for helping me find the awareness I needed.”

  • Cheryl Gollnick

    “I just wanted to thank you so much for the Call2Action Program. It was just what I needed. For me personally, it was like a “slap in the face” in a good sense. By doing this, it brought back confidence in myself that I had lost.”