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We teach people the strategies and tools they need to quickly reach the next level of true success in their lives.

Event Coordinator

As Event Coordinator, your role is to ensure all details for any speaking engagement are prepared to ensure Michael Bernoff can deliver a power presentation as indicated for each client engagement. Our commitment is to assisting individuals all over the world to continuously grow and develop themselves, ensuring they can achieve the success they desire in life, and your efforts shall support that commitment.

Administration & Course Assistant

This position is primarily responsible for managing and directing the organization toward its primary objectives, based on profit and return on capital by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate presidents, directors, managers and supervisors.

Customer Experience Specialist

We’re looking for somebody with an incredible personality, not someone who necessarily likes people (that’s a bonus), yet someone who’s really great with people. Our position for Customer Experience Specialists is making certain our customers have an incredible experience, making certain they have an opportunity to get their questions answered and have the ability to enroll in as many courses as they’re able to.

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Why should you work with us?

We’re Human Communications Institute, and we teach people the strategies and tools they need to quickly reach the next level of true success in their lives.

Founded by Michael Bernoff, Human Communications Institute is a leader in the personal and professional development industry.

This video of Michael speaking at Success Magazine is a great introduction to what we do, and you can see what our events are like here.

Whether it’s fixing a broken relationship, or losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, or becoming a person of influence, or having the confidence to launch a new business, or learning how to become a transformative leader, Michael and our team at HCI know how to help people create a lasting, positive change in their lives.

You can see what our clients say about us here.


Most people never experience what they are truly capable of achieving, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Most of what we’ve been taught about becoming successful and living a fulfilling life isn’t wrong, its just incomplete.

Michael and the team at HCI have strategies and techniques that have helped tens of thousands of clients get what they want out of life, and Michael has spent the last 20 years learning how to deliver the information in a way that creates lasting change.

We teach what works, and what makes a difference in peoples lives.


We’re not going to try to pitch you a load of corporate speak crap about who we are. Instead, you can read real quotes by real team members about what it’s like to be part of this team:

  • “You get to be part of building something that literally changes lives. This is work that matters.”
  • “I have learned so much just by talking to the many different people from different walks of life, and no matter what their status is regarding finances, health, and relationships. The common thread with these people is that they want to create a better life for themselves, the people in their lives, and the world around them, and we get to be a part of helping them with that process.”
  • “I have the opportunity to learn from my mentor on a daily basis and I get paid to do that! I also get to have a part in changing people’s lives on a daily basis and the ripple effect has been massive. There is nothing that I’d rather be doing… learning, being pushed to constant new levels, working side-by-side with a TEAM that is top notch and impacting the world!”
  • “Since coming to work here at team Bernoff, my life has never been the same.  I always knew I had another level inside of me that I wasn’t tapping into. Being a part of this team, and working with Michael, I have taken down barriers, beliefs, and programs that kept me stuck.  I am now able to help and support others to have the same experience because I have so much more to offer.”
  • When you work for a person who has a mission to change lives and you become a part of this team you realize that there is no other career that will be as gratifying.”
  • If you love the idea of laughing as you work, having fun with the people you work with – then you’ll love being a part of our team.


To apply, email your resume to: