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We teach people the strategies and tools they need to quickly reach the next level of true success in their lives.

Executive Assistant:

Michael Bernoff is looking for a personal assistant who’s excited to help by enabling him to be more productive and relaxed. This is only going to happen one way: you have to be sharp, and think WAY outside the box. Michael will be delegating to you with less details than he should, and it’ll drive you bonkers at times- but we’ll laugh about it.

The work will include a wide variety of tasks — from managing Michael’s calendar, booking clients, travel arrangements, making sure his flights are set and making sure his seats aren’t terrible, occasional personal errands, light paperwork, and setting up airport rides and…whatever it takes to help him with tasks so he can focus on producing massive results. Versatility is key, and we need you to know how to make Michael’s life easier.  

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Marketing Director:

The Human Communications Institute (HCI) is a personal and professional development company that has operated for the past 12 years in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have clients from all over the world in almost 40 different countries with tens of thousands of success stories in the areas of health, relationships, and finances.

As Director of Marketing, your role is to generate a powerful, compelling marketing message that will create emotional responses from prospects to grow our client base and to ensure our current clients continue to stay engaged.  Our commitment is to assist individuals all over the world to continuously grow and develop themselves, ensuring they can achieve the success they desire in life, and your efforts shall support that commitment.

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Office Manager:

This is a very unique position; a blend of an assistant with great people skills, an “implementer”, and a project manager who can help see critical tasks through to completion.

In other words, we’re looking for a talented, efficient, driven person with a great personality for the team! Our goal is to fill this role with an amazing person we can work with for many years to come, providing you with a stable, fulfilling, and rewarding way for you to contribute your gifts to the world.

This role will consist of standard office duties, administrative tasks, assisting with events, and most importantly – it’s fun!

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Do you love people?
Do you love talking on the phone and making a positive impact?
Do you dream of making a difference in the world?
If this sounds like you, we’ve got your perfect job.

We call this role our “Client Experience Specialist,” but in other industries it might be called a “Relationship Manager” or “Cruise Director”, or even a “Concierge”. We would never call it that, because it doesn’t quite capture the essence of the job. We want someone who obsesses over giving our customers an amazing experience, someone who spends 90% of their day having conversations with friends, someone who thinks of their communication and conversation skills the way a craftsman thinks of his tools. Someone who specializes in one-on-one phone communication the way a med student picks a specialty.

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To apply, email your resume to:

To bump your application to the top, submit a 2 – 3 minute video of yourself (can be filmed on your phone) explaining who you are and why you’re interested in the job. Those who submit videos will immediately be bumped to the top of the application process.

Why should you work with us?

We’re Human Communications Institute, and we teach people the strategies and tools they need to quickly reach the next level of true success in their lives.

Founded by Michael Bernoff, Human Communications Institute is a leader in the personal and professional development industry.

This video of Michael speaking at Success Magazine is a great introduction to what we do, and you can see what our events are like here.

Whether it’s fixing a broken relationship, or losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, or becoming a person of influence, or having the confidence to launch a new business, or learning how to become a transformative leader, Michael and our team at HCI know how to help people create a lasting, positive change in their lives.

You can see what our clients say about us here.


Most people never experience what they are truly capable of achieving, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Most of what we’ve been taught about becoming successful and living a fulfilling life isn’t wrong, its just incomplete.

Michael and the team at HCI have strategies and techniques that have helped tens of thousands of clients get what they want out of life, and Michael has spent the last 20 years learning how to deliver the information in a way that creates lasting change.

We teach what works, and what makes a difference in peoples lives.


We’re not going to try to pitch you a load of corporate speak crap about who we are. Instead, you can read real quotes by real team members about what it’s like to be part of this team:

  • “You get to be part of building something that literally changes lives. This is work that matters.”
  • “I have learned so much just by talking to the many different people from different walks of life, and no matter what their status is regarding finances, health, and relationships. The common thread with these people is that they want to create a better life for themselves, the people in their lives, and the world around them, and we get to be a part of helping them with that process.”
  • “I have the opportunity to learn from my mentor on a daily basis and I get paid to do that! I also get to have a part in changing people’s lives on a daily basis and the ripple effect has been massive. There is nothing that I’d rather be doing… learning, being pushed to constant new levels, working side-by-side with a TEAM that is top notch and impacting the world!”
  • “Since coming to work here at team Bernoff, my life has never been the same.  I always knew I had another level inside of me that I wasn’t tapping into. Being a part of this team, and working with Michael, I have taken down barriers, beliefs, and programs that kept me stuck.  I am now able to help and support others to have the same experience because I have so much more to offer.”
  • When you work for a person who has a mission to change lives and you become a part of this team you realize that there is no other career that will be as gratifying.”
  • If you love the idea of laughing as you work, having fun with the people you work with – then you’ll love being a part of our team.


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