Prospecting for Profit

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Core Confidence is for anyone who wants to be massively successful in ALL areas of your life.

Have you ever wished inside your mind that you felt more confident in certain situations? We all have. And fortunately, confidence is something that absolutely anybody can have…because it is a skill you can develop. Are you ready to feel more confident? In this audio are solid, proven strategies that will allow you to develop your confidence so that you can achieve the life you desire.

Feel comfortable and confident in social and professional situations and begin truly living your life!


Learn how to meet the best prospects and make the most profit.

You prospect to build a list of qualified people that may buy from you. That’s the basic concept…with the key word being QUALIFIED. You can’t begin the selling process until you’re working with a qualified buyer. Which brings you back to the big question…how to meet the right people to generate the sales you desire.

  • The best places to meet the best prospects
  • Powerful conversation starters
  • How to build a referral machine
  • Who and what to avoid when prospecting
  • How to use the internet as a prospecting tool
  • How to generate a profit from your leads and not waste time!