Communication in Action Audio Series

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Pretty much everything in life starts with communication. Think about it. Even if you’re silent, you are communicating a message.

With this 5-disc audio set you will learn to dramatically improve your communication skills. You will quickly improve your internal communication and your communication with others. The skills you learn from listening to this audio will increase your confidence as you learn to communicate effectively in any sales situation.

  • Increase your confidence as you learn to communicate effectively in any sales situation.
  • Prospect effectively.
  • Overcome objections.
  • Close more sales!
  • Learn powerful words and phrases that are proven to get more people to say “yes” to you!

Want better results?

The first step is to take action and become an expert communicator.



Your New Vocabulary
Learn to use the most powerful words in the English language. Your New Vocabulary is an easy-to-use audio which reveals to you the most powerful, persuasive and directive words in the English language. Learn which words have a powerful impact in conversation…and how to use them.

How many deals have you lost? Whether 1 or 1000, every lost sale can break your confidence. If you are in sales, you need this audio. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how to move someone towards a yes in any sales situation? Positive thinking and hoping it works… doesn’t. Create a track record of success for yourself…starting now.

What To Say When
How many time have you been in the middle of a conversation and go caught off guard by a question, a statement or a comment? Can you remember that awful, awkward feeling you have as you scramble for something intelligent to say that will turn the conversation back around? You don’t have to have that sinking feeling anymore.

Last Minute Confidence
Headed to a meeting? About to make a presentation? Going to an important party or event and feeling a little unsettled? Going on a date and want to feel good when you walk out your door? Maybe your simply headed to the gym and need to get yourself in the mode to exercise. Pop in this quick audio and follow the simple, powerful steps to instantly increase your confidence. If there ever was a guide to increasing your confidence…this audio is it!

Core Confidence
Learn to empower yourself to skillfully handle any situation. What could you do with your life if you were certain you were capable of skillfully accomplishing tasks? What great things will come your way when you are more confident about your decisions and your actions when it comes to your relationships, your professional success and your financial status?