The Happiness Myth…

The Happiness Myth…

Can you be happy all the time?

As much as society preaches this notion, it’s simply impossible to be happy ALL of the time – and that’s ok.

Here’s why…

Happy, like our other emotions is like a road sign. They’re there to guide us in the choices we make.

If doing something over and over causes you pain, you’ll recognize it and learn to avoid it.

If a certain someone always makes you sad or angry, you should recognize it and learn to distance yourself from him or her.

And when your brain recognizes something that makes you happy, use it as a marker. Do similar things to get you in a positive state of mind.

Happy is an emotion. Being grateful is a state of mind.

Aim to be grateful every day, and learn that it’s ok to feel sad, angry, joyful etc. some of the time.

Simply recognize what’s causing your current emotion, and use it to adjust your life trajectory.


Remember The Best Is Yet To Come,