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14 Aug

How to Maximize your First Impression

When you meet someone you make an impression on them – that you know.
Yet what does it take to make an impression that results in a follow-up call afterwards?
and how do you turn that impression into a conversation with a prospect?
Here are some really cool stats on the benefits of Prospecting:
(Read this stuff: It will light a fire under you to get out and start talking!)

–Outbound Prospecting is Most Effective–

Outbound Prospecting is the number one most effective way to gain customers.

Other marketing channels (including marketing and PR and referrals and inbound inquiries) do not generate sales as quickly and as effectively as you getting out there and meeting and talking with prospects.

–Prospecting has the Lowest Cost–

Gaining a new client can be pricey. You can spend $$$$ to advertise, run marketing campaigns, hire PR agents or even run a Facebook ad…and you may gain customers from those efforts. Yet the lowest cost and most effective way to gain new clients is to….yes, I’ll say it again…get out there and meet and talk with people.

–Prospecting Reduces the Time it takes to Close a Sale–

There are three ways this works:

1.  When you’re prospecting effectively, you can reduce the amount of time spent on “look-i-loos” and spend your time with people that truly desire the value your product delivers.

2.  You’ll easily identify the most common objections and know how to overcome them. You’ll quickly incorporate them into your message so they eventually they never get brought up!

3.  You expand your reputation. Think about it…the more you get out there the more people know about you.  Naturally your companies’ reputation grows! The more people know about you…the easier it is to sell to the next prospect.

Bottom line…Prospecting is critical! Prospect effectively and you’ll have the most amazing sales generator ever.

Yet most people get a little stumped when it comes to prospecting. They don’t know what to say and spend too much time saying it to the wrong person.

Want to learn more about how to talk to the right people, so that when you pick up the phone you are more confident and can convey a crystal clear message?

Find out more…Click Here

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