How to be more productive…

How to be more productive…

Are you easily distracted? Here are a few actionable productivity hacks to keep you focused and productive.

1: Ditch those smartphone notifications!

Those tempting little popups are constantly vying for your attention. A minute here, two minutes there, and next thing you know you’re way off track.

I’m not saying turn your phone off – that’s impractical – however, managing your notifications is.

2: Avoid time-sucking sites

Be honest with yourself. Are you checking Facebook every hour – religiously? Or maybe it’s Twitter, or Instagram or your stocks. Whatever website is sucking away your precious time, learn to manage it.

Mac users try an app called SelfControl. This app will automatically block a website for a selected period of time. Your cat photos can wait.

PC users, try apps like StayFocused or ColdTurkey.

3: Schedule email time

Don’t fall victim to your inbox. Unless you know for a fact something critical is coming, schedule 1 or 2 times during the day to check your email.

That’s all for today.

If you have a great productivity hack, share it with me. Send me an email.


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