Can people really change?

By Michael Bernoff | people have read this article
05 May

Whether you’re asking for yourself, or you’re asking for someone else…the question is the same:


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I was asked that same question at my Core Strength Experience event
this weekend and as we went through the process with 400 people, learning how to make change happen, I saw the results happen right in front of me.

So the answer is YES, people can change!

So then the next question people always ask is…

"If people can change, does it last? Can you make it last?"

And, do you know what my response is to these questions?

It’s always the same…

All I do is ask a question right back which is…

"Would you like to believe it’s possible?"

If you do believe it’s possible then the first thing you have to realize is that it’s not about changing. It’s not about someone throwing a light switch or pushing a button and all of a sudden BOOM they’ve “changed.”

What it IS about is making small shifts in the right areas. When you make small shifts in the way you do things and the way you deal with people then change can happen.

Want to learn how?

Join me this Friday morning for a live training call on this subject.

You will learn 2 powerful things during this training:

  1. How to create change faster in yourself and others.
  2. How to make it stick – no matter what you’re working on.

This call is open to the public!  Invite your friends, family and anyone else who is looking for change in their lives.


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One thought on “Can people really change?

  1. I was at the event Michael refers to and experienced for myself a shift in the right direction. It is lasting because for the first time I’m continuing in that direction after the event. Michael demonstrates what he is talking about.

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