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Hello my name is Michael Bernoff.

Someone you and I both know thinks very highly of you...

Recently they were asked to think about someone in their world who would want a powerful course that helped people make a difference in their life, the quality of life and what they do. 

And your name rang the bells! 

So first, you want to thank them. And second, you have to ask yourself a question… 

Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 3-5 Years If You Keep On Doing What You’re Doing?

People that take Call2Action really dig deep to answer this question and it’s simple: Are there things in your life that you know you need to do, that you have a challenge getting yourself to do?

And I’m NOT saying anybody’s lazy out there. Yet there are things we put off for years…

For example, we were successful building a multimillion-dollar company... But there’s a book that I wanted to get done. 

So I used the same strategies myself that I even avoided doing to finally get my book moving in the right direction…
To get my health even better than it already is…

To improve the fun things that I do, 

And improve relationships with my children. 

So I’m using these skills all the time.

And if you haven’t heard of us before I’ve had a chance to work with 20,000+ people just like you who have had the opportunity to take Call2Action. 

The bottom line is simple. The only expense out of your pocket for this program is your time. 

Take fifteen minutes, talk to someone on our team, make certain it’s a fit, and then you get a chance to work with me.  

And while I’m the guy that bills out at $20,000 for about 10 hours of my time…

You’re going to get 10 hours of me in a small group environment during Call2Action.

And guess what, you don’t even need travel. All you have to do is have a phone or a computer nearby and we’ll connect with you. 

Over the next 30 days, we’re going to make some BIG impacts in your life, and I’m super excited about being part of this journey! 

So first, connect with your friend and say thank you for thinking about me. And second, it’s time to give yourself the greatest gift in the world, being who it is you’re totally capable of!

Let’s Do This Together.
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