What Do You Want that’s Worth Fighting for?

By Michael Bernoff | people have read this article
18 Dec

Decades from now you will look back…
and what is it you think you will remember?

I can promise you it won’t be the easy times…
what you will remember are the times you are most proud of –

the times when you made a decision, followed through on it and achieved your goals.

You will look back and be proud of the personal sacrifices you made
and the effort you gave
to make your dreams come true.

What Do You Want that’s Worth Fighting for? Replay Click play below!

As one of my mentors, the late Jim Rohn, said
“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

Those are the times we cherish the most.
That’s what we’ll look back and remember the most.

So if that’s true – why do we always search for the easy way?
Of course we want the easy way – yet you and I both know the truth…
if your goal doesn’t require you pushing yourself and struggling a little bit – it’s probably not a lofty enough goal.

Here’s what I believe:
I believe everything in life worth having is worth fighting for..

And that’s what keeps me going.

Jim Rohn also said “We must all suffer one of two things:
the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”

So have YOU found what you want in life that’s worth having?
Have you found what’s worth fighting for?
Have you found what you are willing to struggle to achieve?

If you have – GREAT – now let’s have a serious talk about how to get it.
And if you haven’t (which means you’ve tried and failed) let’s find out what that is
and build a plan to get you there.

Listen to this audio for some incredible strategies on how YOU
can figure out exactly what you want
and how to go get it!

What’s Worth the Struggle?
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One thought on “What Do You Want that’s Worth Fighting for?

  1. I hated growing up in the middle class and being the youngest child by 10 years and adopted. I’m also very thankful because even though I had most things handed to me; I had to learn to build my own internal flame and how to keep that fame burning myself rather than expecting some external source give it to me. It’s something that I still work on so that I can be an even better example for those around me. I am still continually learning the lesson and getting better at finding joy in the process and knowing that I don’t need to PUSH myself and struggle and burn myself out.

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