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By Michael Bernoff | people have read this article
24 Aug

I’ve posted this before yet it calls for a re-post here and again:

Every now and then life throws a ringer.  And when it does it takes me but a minute to bounce back because all I have to do is instantly think back to this interview I had with one of my mentors, the incredible Dan Millman.

Dan’s the author of “The Peaceful Warrior” and a few other books to be treasured.

So how do I snap myself out of the pitful of self-pity in an instant – I think back to the perspective Dan gave me that I’ll carry with my throughout my entire life.  It’s all about the way you look at emotions and the way you feel when life goes wrong.  (which it can, it will, and it does)

Here’s a very special clip from the interview with Dan’s unique perspective on life and adversity.

You will love this.

Your partner in success,


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