Some Reasons People Fail in Relationships

By Michael Bernoff | people have read this article
14 Feb

It’s Valentine’s Day – you’re “supposed” to be happy and smiling and in love and having all kinds of romance in the bedroom.
For some, that’s amazingly true and wonderful. And for others…it’s not. In fact for some – it’s P-A-I-N-F-U-L.

So…exactly what is causing the challenge people are having in finding or keeping a relationship?

There are so many many reasons that people struggle in this area – yet I took a look at it from a global perspective and came up with this:

First – If you are currently in a relationship and are Unhappy
we can boil it down to a few reasons:
1) you’re with the wrong person  (and probably already know it inside)
2) you’re with the right person and you can’t find a way to a) talk and b) get along


Second – You can’t find the right person to build a life together
Why????  Why, Why is that?  Well it comes down to a few universal reasons:
1) you’ve got some super high double-reinforced titanium walls up (aka you’ve been burned before)
2) you don’t know how to make a connection with people so you can’t even get started  (awkward)
3) the voices in your head keep telling you bad stuff about yourself that isn’t true – yet you believe it
4) you’re not taking care of yourself and the person on the inside is hidden by what’s showing on the outside

So whether you’re in the first boat (dissatisfied) or second boat (looking for love), you’ve got to get past these things so you can Be READY FOR LOVE.  I know it sounds cheesy yet it’s true.  How many times have you seen a scene in a movie where they say “You have to love yourself before someone can love you?”  That part’s true.  And how many times have you seen a relationship unravel because two people did not know how to communicate their needs to each other?  Expectation minus reality = frustration and all that goes with that…

I believe that there is someone for everyone.  And I’m absolutely 100% certain that if people took communication courses before or during their marriage, and became better communicators, we could drop the divorce rate in our country drastically.

I’ll be talking about this today at 4pm Mountain on my Valentine’s Day “Love Coaching” session.

If you want to be a part of it, register here:



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