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Call2Action Tele-Seminar

If you are like most people, you know what you need to do. The challenge is getting yourself to do what we know you need to do. Are you ready to learn and use proven strategies to stay motivated, improve your communication and follow through on the decisions you make?

How would you like to know how to MOTIVATE YOURSELF any time you want?

  • Would that make a difference to you?
  • Your business?
  • Your family?

If you answered YES then this program is for you!

5 Short Days Will Transform Your Life!

Call2Action is a five-day interactive seminar where you work directly with Michael Bernoff to bring rapid change to your life.

Retail Price: $599.99  Sale Price: $499.99


Call2Action Progress Package

Call2Action Progress Package

Make the most of every moment you spend in the Call2Action seminar and for many years to come!

Solidify your newly learned skill sets and make the most of your experience!

Call2Action Progress Package includes both the C2A tele-seminar and the C2A audio set. The Progress Package offers an excellent way to learn the techniques and skills by participating in the tele-seminar, then ensuring you keep your progress on track by continuing to listen to similar information on audio cd.

Availability: CDs usually ship within 24 hrs

Retail Price: $699.99

Persuasion Enhancement Course


Power and posture does not come naturally, it comes from practice.

This 3-day Tele-Seminar teaches powerful & easy-to-apply secrets the masters of persuasion and influence use to establish connections and leave powerful impressions.

Within four days, from the comfort of your home or office, you will learn to:

  • Lead others through persuasive leadership skills
  • Gain strategies & techniques to guide others in the right direction
  • Gain control of any conversation by posturing yourself with confidence in your use of language
  • Utilize three aspects of communication to appeal emotionally to your client’s needs, values, and emotional sensibilities

Get the date for this training on your calendar and feel free to invite those you care about to join in!

Limited Availability!

Retail Price: $599.99

Rapid Rapport Tele-Seminar

Rapid Rapport Tele-Seminar

Can you imagine how it would impact your life if you were able to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime? How would you feel if people were clamoring to talk to you at parties, meetings or wherever you go?

Rapid Rapport is a 3-day course teaching you how to be that person. Learn the fundamental of rapport and how to use them.

This 8 hour course covers the fundamentals of one-on-one rapport (both verbal and non-verbal):

  • Virtual Rapport – How to connect with people over the phone, via email and online
  • Mass Rapport – How to connect with a group or audience, captivating them the entire time and leaving a powerful impression.

Retail Price: $599.99

Sales Evolution Mastery

Sales Mastery Evolution

Join Michael Bernoff for a 90 minute session where he will walk you through the entire sales cycle, from meeting the people you want to talk with, to saying the right thing to them, to presenting your product/service/opportunity and ultimately closing the sale.

This coaching program is the most direct, most cutting-edge way to handle your entire sales process from start to finish.

If you’ve ever gotten bogged down with all the things people teach, all the different ideas and systems and stuff to learn and say…this is perfect for you. Simple and effective – without all the fuss!

Retail Price: $229.99

  • Brian Grayson

    “This morning, I checked my stats and one of the tests blew up and we made a 500% return! It is now ready to scale and I am so excited because I can see where to head next. Big Thanks for what you do!”

  • Diane Lowman

    “I really enjoyed this week, I have learned so much that I will put into practice immediately. I began the week Terrified and ended the week buzzing with excitement! Thanks Again for helping me find the awareness I needed.”

  • Cheryl Gollnick

    “I just wanted to thank you so much for the Call2Action Program. It was just what I needed. For me personally, it was like a “slap in the face” in a good sense. By doing this, it brought back confidence in myself that I had lost.”