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The Core Strength Experience

The Core Strength Experience

You’ve been called to action, NOW is the time to take the next step and experience a strengthening of your core.

  • Can you imagine having unstoppable deep-rooted passion in all areas of your personal and business life?
  • What if you uncovered and ignited a drive inside you that enables you to take consistent action in all areas of your life?
  • What would you do if you alleviated the fears that hinder you and acquired the COURAGE that now allows you to accomplish anything you set out to do?

You can. You absolutely can.

The next step in your growth is to work on your CORE STRENGTH

You now are a person of action. Taking your life to the next level requires a strong core.

HCI designed an elite course using the most cutting-edge, powerful tools, strategies and techniques to facilitate the transformation you aspire for your life now!

The Core Strength Experience allows you to rapidly become the person of character that can achieve all you desire.

Retail Price:  $2,250.00

Human Interaction Technology (HIT)


Comprehensive training program focused on an NLP-based curriculum in which participants will gain core competencies in communication, persuasion and human interaction.

Certification process includes the following to successfully demonstrate attainment of the course learning objectives.

  • Comprehensive training program
  • Pre-test
  • In-person evaluation
  • Post-test

Retail Price: $5,995.00


Rapid Presentation Mastery

Rapid Presentation Mastery

Now you can learn how to develop, master and deliver a winning presentation in just 2.5 days with Michael Bernoff as he reveals to you his cutting-edge presentation skills during his “Rapid Presentation Mastery” program.

Rapid Presentation Mastery (RPM) is a 2.5 day program.

You’ll learn how to:

  • How to master your physical presentation
  • Feel, look and sound more confident
  • Be dynamic
  • Reduce your nervousness (not the appearance of nervousness, but the actual nerves!)
  • Create expert content that sells!
  • Craft your presentation to include only the necessary stuff
  • Deliver important facts in a way that engages the audience

Retail Price: $3,895.00  Sale Price: 2,995.00

Core Strength Leadership


Inviting you to experience the pinnacle of leadership with Michael Bernoff.

This is a tremendous experience that will give you significant access directly to experiences designed to turn you into a confident, charismatic leader who gets results.

  • Effectively Influence
  • Command Authority
  • Inspire Commitment
  • Generate Synergy

Your program includes:

  • 24 Leadership conference calls – Value $1400
  • Admission to future Core Strength Experience events for the next two years – Value $1349
  • Participation in behind-the-scenes leadership of Core Strength Experience – Value $1997
  • Admission to Michael Bernoff’s 1-day live events
  • Gift admission to Call2Action for you to give to a friend/family/accountability partner – Value $499
  • Member of Leadership Community – Value Priceless

Our Price: $5,245.00

  • Brian Grayson

    “This morning, I checked my stats and one of the tests blew up and we made a 500% return! It is now ready to scale and I am so excited because I can see where to head next. Big Thanks for what you do!”

  • Diane Lowman

    “I really enjoyed this week, I have learned so much that I will put into practice immediately. I began the week Terrified and ended the week buzzing with excitement! Thanks Again for helping me find the awareness I needed.”

  • Cheryl Gollnick

    “I just wanted to thank you so much for the Call2Action Program. It was just what I needed. For me personally, it was like a “slap in the face” in a good sense. By doing this, it brought back confidence in myself that I had lost.”