How To Have More Discipline

By Michael Bernoff | people have read this article
12 Dec

Here’s what you will learn:

How to create more discipline in your life.
Most people feel like they are lacking in discipline in some area of their life, right? Maybe it’s health
or career or relationships…well luckily it’s an
easy fix and I will show you how.

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How to create your Success Plan for 2015.
I can’t stand goal setting because it just doesn’t work for most.
It takes about 2 minutes tops to write your goals and
then you must spend a few hours creating an actual plan
to achieve those goals and then follow the plan.
That’s where most people fall off. They go blindly
in the direction of their goals and in my book, that’s
working harder not smarter. Nobody wants to do that.

How to become a WILL person rather than a TRY person.
People choose to use weak language
and that leads to weak momentum.
Point blank–the way you speak and words you use
will make you either a weak person or a strong person.
I will show you a few simple language tricks
that will make a difference for you – quickly!

We’ll cover all that and a whole lot more.

Talk to you then,


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