How to Finish What You Start

By Michael Bernoff | people have read this article
05 Jul

The #1 silent killer of dreams and success is not following through. It’s the most challenging aspect of becoming successful in anything you do. 

When we think about all the things you start and don’t finish, it’s most likely because it was taking too long to get to the goal, or you weren’t sure if it was the “right” thing for you, or you got distracted by another shiny object, or personal obligations pulled you in another direction – something along those lines.  And unfortunately – not finishing what you start becomes a pattern.  This didn’t work, that didn’t work – I’ll try something new, etc. 

So let me ask you a pointed question – How many times have you started something – perhaps a new workout, a new eating plan (aka diet) or perhaps a new business venture…
and then it fizzled out, you just flat out quit…or you squeezed your eyes very ,very tightly and willed it to disappear from your brain?

Not finishing what you start is squashing your success.  Plus you know how it makes you feel when you know you gave up on something so important (think about that for a second – ugh)

It’s a real challenge for just about everyone (well specifically 97% of population).  Yet I have been teaching people how to follow through on things for about 15 years now and getting people to complete things with relative ease.  I’d love to share this with you as well.

Listen to this incredible audio now to learn how to Finish What You Start. And remember…listen all the way through -listen to the entire audio it’s a great way to practice finishing something all the way to completion. 


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