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29 Dec

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Another year winding down to a close. Everywhere you look, there’s a Top Ten this and a Best of that and, of course, the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. You know how it goes … I want more money … I want to lose weight … I want to be happier. We all do this, right?

Year in and year out we create what I like to call the I Want List. We write down the things we want and then if we don’t get them, we usually just give up right then and there. We’re all very good at wanting, just not at getting. As a matter of fact, I’d say we’ve mastered wanting. We all want gifts, yet what we fail to realize is that we’re not using the gifts we’ve been given. We simply don’t have an understanding of how to go out there and get what we want. An understanding of how we operate. The truth is, we’re going to have to do things differently than the way we’ve done them in the past. We’re going to have to figure out how to become a person who will follow through and get what we’re wanting instead of just wanting it one more year. This, my friends, is the first step. Let’s become go-getters.

So how do we become getters instead of wanters?

Education is key. Building the skills within you that will allow you to step up and push yourself to a higher level. Do you want your relationship to be beautiful? Then get the skills to have a beautiful relationship. Do you want more money? Then learn the skills to make more money. It’s a different way of approaching your goals. And I know it may feel uncomfortable, yet this is truly the outcome I want for you next year.

Communication is also key. It’s not just power. It’s a necessity. In order to get anything you want, it’s going to require better communication. With yourself And with others. Your internal communication will provide the fuel to get yourself to take action. And then there’s “external” communication which simply means you MUST learn how to communicate effectively with others so that people will seek you out for whatever it is you can bring to them. Your internal and external comunication WILL GET YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.

So if I could make one recommendation for you as you step into 2012, it’s this…build a new baseline for yourself base on where you are TODAY. And, if you do decide to make a list of goals for 2012 then make them things you want to become, not just things you want.

And to become the guy or gal who’ll get what you want, you must:

  • Learn how to take action.
  • Learn to educate yourself on how to make new decisions.
  • Learn to be a better communicator.
  • Learn how to follow through at a higher level.

Remember…if you want 2012 to be different, you must do things differently.

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