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09 Apr

Do you know that feeling when you’ve just finished some big event in your life?  Whether it was a big activity or a monumental event…something that really make a mark on your life history?  Well I just had one of those experiences.

How to Get Moving Quicker Replay
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We just wrapped up an incredible weekend of our Core Strength Experience event where we had more than 200 people from 7 different countries join us to take their life to the next level. The event really got me thinking and I now realize even more about myself and other people than ever.  I am really excited to do something big with these newfound ideas.

And now this week, my family is headed to California for my daughter’s cheerleading competition where I’ll again be around a group of people who are looking to motivate themselves to win.  Two different groups of people, absolutely – one a group of people on a path of growing themselves and the other a giggling group of tween and teen girls.  Yet the biggest challenge they all face is not just being motivated, it’s being motivated consistently.

Whether you are working on business, health, relationships or working on some big personal challenge…the key to creating the life you want comes down to being able to do what works best consistently.

Let me ask you a question…

Heading to Disneyland this weekend has got me thinking: Are there areas of your life that feel like your life is an amusement park?  Let me tell you what I mean by that question.

In your life, do you feel you are waiting in a long line, slowly creeping ahead, waiting for something to happen?

Or, perhaps you made it on the ride, but your life goes up and down like a roller coaster, without any ongoing stability. You get that rush when your life is riding high, but then it goes away and you feel powerless in getting it back.

consistencyHow would you like to be able to summon your greatest moments anytime you want to experience them, consistently?

There are three basic steps that will make all of the difference in building a consistently performing life. To help you power forward, I put together another training to begin the discussion around these three basic steps.

Commit to being on the call this Thursday. You will learn:

  1. How to get moving quicker.
  2. How to maintain the momentum once you get rolling.
  3. How to enjoy the process even more. You will keep that high level feeling that helps propel you and attract others.

Building better lives, one commitment at at time.

Talk to you Thursday!



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