Do You Have a Strategy for Your Life?

Are you ready for more happiness, confidence and income?

If you are like most people, you know what you need to do. The challenge is getting yourself to do what we know you need to do. Are you ready to learn and use proven strategies to stay motivated, improve your communication and follow through on the decisions you make?

Working with a coach will change the way you play the game of YOUR life. It’s time for you to be a winner! Make the commitment now to coach with me and join the thousands of people who have achieved success in their lives.

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I want to get more out of myself
and start doing what successful people do!

Call2Action is point blank - THE STARTING LINE.

Just ask my good friend Nick Unsworth.

“Thanks to Michael, I’m crushing it at work along with every other aspect of my life....I have made radical changes in my life from losing weight to starting a new company called Life On Fire.” Nick Unsworth

I have worked with Nick--already a wildly successful businessman--to re-wire and align his actions, decisions and perspective to gain even more power and control in his life.

Obviously, since you visited this page, you are a person who is looking for results in a couple different areas in your life. Wouldn't you agree?

Every month I offer this live coaching program to help people just like you make the changes in their life they desire, yet struggle to make happen on their own. Most people can and will make improvements, yet they’ll only get so far. With someone pushing you forward and "holding your hand” at the same time - you can reach those goals you want so badly but are having a hard time getting. You and I will be working together in a live coaching environment to make an impact. That means you will be working DIRECTLY with me, LIVE for five days. We're going to cover some powerful and cutting-edge life strategies and when we will do, you will soon realize that your life is beginning to work better. Things get easier, you’re more confident - and you get more results. I am ready to show you what successful people do to have the amazing life they live - which is the same kind of life YOU want!



Let's Create a Strategy for Your Life Together

How would you like to know how to MOTIVATE YOURSELF any time you want?

  • Would that make a difference to you?
  • Your business?
  • Your family?

If you answered YES then this program is for you!

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I have literally helped hundreds of thousands of students with Call 2 Action since it's beginning.


What is Call2Action?

What Is Call 2 Action Teleseminar all about?

Call2Action is an intensive group phone coaching program that we run live once a month that promises you will "Get more done in 5 days than you have in the last 5 years". It's a bold promise yet holds true time and time again with a long history of consistent results.

Who is Call 2 Action for?

Call 2 Action has proven highly compatible and has proven VERY successful for leaders of many industries, including Business Development, Personal Development, Dating & Relationships, Health and more.

If your audience falls under any of these categories, then Call 2 Action is for you.

I challenge you to Google my name "Michael Bernoff" or check out where you will find a) not a bad bit of press in existence and b) story after story of personal successes. After more than a decade of living my purpose through developing this program, I can promise that what you find here is as real as it gets.

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