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03 Jun

I woke up yesterday morning and the house was quieter than usual.  My first thought was “where is everybody?” and then when I didn’t hear all the activity that goes with getting the kids out of the house on time for school, it hit me…it’s summer!

Revising Your 2014 Plans Replay
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And then it really hit me…it’s June already!  WOW.  How about you…did you wake up anytime over the past week or two and realize 1/2 the year is gone already???

I remember watching the fireworks on New Years Eve and then Boom!…now I’m sitting in my office looking at the calendar in amazement.  So you know what I’m doing today?
I’m walking through a process I do every summer.  Here’s how it goes:

  1. Stop!
  2. Look at my plan for the year
  3. See what’s working
  4. Revise the plan
  5. Course correct based on the new plan
  6. Go forward


This has worked for me and every year I’ve been doing this my business has grown and my health and relationships have improved.  Every single year.

Because you know what I used to do before I knew better?  I would make the plan, and then I would go all year working on it…except then all of a sudden it’d be November and there was no way I could make it all happen.  Then I’d say “well that didn’t work” and put it on the next year’s list.

You see most people will plug away and plug away and not realize that there’s a better way.  Or you don’t realize that a small shift or tweak will get you closer to your goal…faster.

So this Thursday I’m holding a 1-hour training call where I will show you exactly what you need to do to correct your course (kind of like pushing the reset button” for the rest of 2014.  Join me!

morningsblog-image4Yet for now:

I’m going to send you emails over the next couple days with some more ideas on how you can check to see if your plan is working.  Check your email tomorrow!  For today, think about it – are you on track?  Can you achieve all your goals for the year based on what you are doing now and the results you’ve been getting?  Think about that – it’ll really assist you in getting a good grip on where you are and if a “course correction” is needed!  Feel free to email me at mike@communicategreat.com with where you’re at (the short version).

Talk to you tomorrow,


There’s 2 ways to look at it – the year is either 1/2 over…or 1/2 started.


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