Your 90 Day Deal – 30 Days for the Final Push! – Replay

By Michael Bernoff | people have read this article
25 Nov

I don’t care who you are or how successful you are,
there’s always something we are striving for in life.
The fact that you are alive and opened this email and are now reading these words
means that you are thinking about whether or not you have unfinished goals.

What does this have to do with basset hounds? Keep reading!

Whether you decide to push or pull in these last 30 days of 2014, check Out this personal Story!

90 Day Deal Replay Click play below!

For 8 years I had a basset hound that was my most favorite pet ever.
Her name was Willy. She’s not with us any more (serious sniff sniff – I loved that dog)
but when she was alive she had 2 modes. Off and On.

She was either awake and searching for food or fun,
walking around with her big ol soulful eyes…searching and searching.
Or she was sprawled out on the floor with her ears fanned out around her,
dreaming about being awake searching for food or fun!

Remind you of anyone?

Just like you – right now at the end of the year you’re in one of 2 modes:

  1. I’m gonna push hard, go for it and finish strong!
  2. I’m gonna call it a wash, realizing there’s no way I can achieve my goals in 30 days.

I’ll start planning 2015 now instead!

And how much fun are you having while you’re at it?

Maybe we’re not going around searching and sniffing for food every minute yet
as a metaphor it sure applies to how we live. We’re on a quest to achieve our goals
and yet somehow this is where the similarity ends.
Because Willy loved to have fun!
And she sure didn’t give up til she found what she was looking for,
and yet so many people do. (then the howling really starts!)

So let’s get real on this…
so many people give up because they are NOT having fun
and what they THOUGHT they could achieve
all of a sudden becomes unrealistic (aka as too hard and too much effort)

What would it mean to you to be a person that doesn’t give up on things that seem too challenging?
What would it mean to you to have more fun in your life?

Join me to find out how to be that person.

This will be a powerful live training, here are the details:
(put this in your calendar now, you must schedule success!)

What else does a basset hound do to get it’s way – HOWLS! (Willy was great at that =)

and I can promise you this – you don’t want to howl your way through the end of the year
bummed that you didn’t end your year strong. You will definitely annoy your neighbors!

End your 2014 powerfully!
Join me on Dec 1st to learn how!
What you learn will be huge for your life.

Talk to you then!

Your partner in success,




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