“I really enjoyed this week, I have learned so much that I will put into practice immediately. I began the week Terrified and ended the week buzzing with excitement! Thanks Again for helping me find the awareness I needed.”

Diane Lowman

Michael Bernoff

“I’d like to share some shocking discoveries I’ve uncovered on my journey to create the life I’ve always dreamed of and like most of you, I questioned whether I could really have it all. ”

For over a decade, I’ve had the good fortune and the opportunity to help tens of thousands of people in 37 different countries around the world achieve results they previously thought impossible. Some of the people I’ve helped are well known and others are normal everyday people. Now allow me to once and for all remove any doubt in your mind… you can have whatever it is you seek or seek to overcome.

When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey, I was fascinated with people who achieved greatness in any area of life and those people that “have it all”. And it doesn’t matter where you grew up, a big city or a small town, you knew people that always seemed to come out on top, and you knew people whose lives were filled with drama. Now for the first time you are about to learn why some people get what they want, others don’t, and how you can achieve any outcome you desire.

  • “Quite honestly NONE were more effective than Michael Bernoff. I don’t hesitate to share with you, that if you want to see MASSIVE improvement in personal growth and success, put people in front of Michael.”
    – Ted Silverberg, MLMIA
  • “ My income has doubled in the last 2 months and I am looking to double it again very shortly. I am consistently more consistent in pushing myself to grow and teach it to my patients and my own children. All thanks to Michael”
    – Dr. Christina Kovalik NMD, LAc,
  • “ He ALWAYS under promises and over delivers. His training and coaching will assist you in taking your business as well as every aspect of your life to the next levels. If you want results in your life – Michael will help you get them”
    - Susann Crawford, Wealth Masters

..to answer the call to action, otherwise 10 years from now your life will still be missing something or worse. Or perhaps your life will be ‘OK’. But is ‘OK’ really what you want?

Think about it… do you really want a life that is just OK? Because ‘OK’ is just that: OK, if that’s all you want. But if you want more out of your life hold tight because I’m about to reveal something so radically different, so powerfully effective, and so amazingly fast and easy, your life will never be the same again. It’s not magic but the change will be magical. I am not a magician but many of my students call me a wizard. And as cool as it would be to be Albus Dumbledore, what you need and what I can do for you is very real.

“We all know what to do, but we need to apply certain techniques which gaurantee that we actually do them.”

Caution: Before I continue I have to warn you that what you are about to read will change your life forever.

95% of people do not reach their goals. Find out why.
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You will learn that:

  • … anything is possible and how to get “it”
  • …skyrocketing your income is a simple task
  • …getting into shape is a breeze
  • …living your life without limits is only a shift away.

If you’ve been to a therapist or tried motivation programs in the past, you’ve probably grown a little skeptical because you didn’t get the results you wanted. Listen, Motivation is temporary and takes work to stay focused, if you’re lucky your motivation lasts for just 21 days.

The fact is that goal setting and motivation doesn’t work. If goal setting and motivation did work, everyone would have what they want and no one would have any problems.

THE 180 SHIFT was developed at the Human Communication Institute and is a Blue Print or Road Map to the changes you desire. The purpose behind THE 180 SHIFT is to quickly and easily bring about the change you seek. Equipped with missing piece of the puzzle and the road map to the outcome you seek, what you desire becomes effortless because you naturally become that person.

Now that you know how dangerously powerful this information is, let’s dig in. Make sure you read EVERYTHING, because throughout this piece I will be mentioning certain words that will trigger a huge change in your life.

And if you’re like most people before they start THE 180 SHIFT, you have negative chatter that churns through you head.

That negative chatter is part of the faulty program you are running. We’ll get to that later. For now, if you were to be honest with yourself, it’s hard not to marvel at what some people have achieved.

You wonder: How did they do that? Then, even more profoundly, you ask: Why can’t I do that?

Here’s the bottom line.

If you’re not going to be honest with yourself, then you’re playing small. And even worse, you’re cheating yourself and your family. By not playing at the top of your game, you are setting the WRONG example for your kids.

The fact of the matter is you CAN truly have it all and you CAN achieve what you want.

“Having spent most of my adult life as a student of human behavior, I founded the Human
Communication Institute for one purpose. That purpose is to help as many people as possible improve and enrich the quality of their life in all areas.”

Well the answer is pretty complicated, but it boils down to this. By helping others, you are helping yourself. You are happier, you achieve better results, you have more friends, more connections, and your life becomes a never ending spiral of success. But that only happens if you want to improve the quality of your life, and take the call to action.

Through the work that we do at the Human Communication Institute, we’ve unlocked the mysteries of the human mind by getting to the core strength experience of internal and external human communication, which is what controls everything. Here is the power, the real power in what we’ve uncovered.

Regardless of what you want, regardless of what your problem is, I can absolutely, positively, teach you how obtain what you want or overcome any challenge. I have proven track record with 100% success rate and I back that success rate with my reputation and a 100% money back guarantee.

I know that sounds strange, but bear with me. I have never, EVER, had anyone fail.

Making one small shift can literally change everything
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“Does it really work for everybody? I mean it can’t suit everybody, right?”

1. There is nothing that you want.

2. You can’t make a decision.

3. You’re someone who doesn’t want any help.

Otherwise, whether you are looking for a better relationship with your family, more money, increased sales skills, to be a person of influence and power, to find the love of your life, to be more self confident, better health, better sex life. whatever it is I can help you realize your dream by teaching you the exact techniques I have successfully shared for over a decade with tens of thousands of people in 37 different countries around the world.

I don’t know what you’ve tried in the past, but I can tell you that it didn’t work and you were disappointed with the results.

I can guarantee it hasn’t fulfilled all of your life goals and ambitions. And you’ve become skeptical and maybe even complacent. All that is about to change once and for all. I assure you what we’ve developed at the Human Communication Institute is nothing like anything you have ever experienced. People think change needs to be difficult and complicated, and I am here to tell you just the opposite. All it takes is a shift, something we call THE 180 SHIFT.

Through my studies and more than a decade of teaching and helping others, I found there are some absolutes.

I don’t want you to take my word for it, rather I’m going to prove it to you. See, I have this congenital defect called under promise and over deliver. I am going to suggest you answer the Call to Action now and prove it to yourself. I’ve removed all the risk by providing you with a free video crash course. With a no risk offer like this, you have no excuse for not living your life beyond limits.

I’ve never written a thank you letter after attending a seminar before. However, your seminar was no ordinary event. I use the word ‘event’ because this was indescribable experience except to say it was a life-changing event.
I think it’s important that you know that I am not easily impressed. I am an analytical and skeptical person by nature. That said I witnessed two miracles and experienced one for myself. I never expected in a million years to say the words “I witnessed two miracles and experienced one myself.”, but that’s exactly what happened.

Now at the weekend event I attended I saw you change the life of a woman whose father hired a hit on her stepmother and another young girl who had been molested for ten years by a family member. If I didn’t see this radical transformation for myself and had I not interacted with both of these individuals before and after your work with them, I can tell you I wouldn’t have believed the transformation.

Fortunately, for me my challenge was benign compared to those two lives you saved that November weekend. I attended your event because I wanted to improve my sales skills and become a person of influence while dramatically increasing my income. I wanted to grow my business and have more time to do the things I enjoy. Fast-forward It’s been six months since I attended the first event and those six months have seen more growth then the six previous years. My income has soared, my confidence is unshakable and most importantly I am happier now then I’ve been in a very long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Gary David Musler

I’m all about results. If you want to tell your problems to someone and have them pat you on the back and say it’s ok, I’m probably not the guy for you. If you want to tell someone about all the terrible things that have happened to you then hug it out. I’m probably not the guy for you.

I don’t say that to be harsh. I’m saying that because I know what works and what doesn’t work. People spend years and tens of thousands of dollars in therapy. Why do they spend so much time and money in therapy? One simple reason, it does not work!

So throw away your therapist’s number and save yourself countless hours and thousands of dollars. You don’t need it. If you have the right tools at your disposal, you will never have to waste your time and money again.

THE 180 SHIFT will completely change the way you think and unlock your potential with a simple, proven, step by step system.

Through all my years of discoveries I have found that by unlocking the secrets to the following 5 elements, you can accomplish anything. And I mean anything. Why?

I am going to let you into a little secret. I have spoken to thousands of people across the world and I asked the following three questions.

#1. What do you need to do to get in better shape?
#2. What do you need to do to make more money?
#3. What do you need to do to have better relationships?

Every single person gave me the same answers. All the answers were about taking action. Getting into better shape means you have to eat better and exercise more. More money means you need to take action and ask for a raise, work smarter, or invest in your education. Better relationships means better communication.

None of this is new. I didn’t just reveal some secret to you. You already knew all of these things. But then I asked people another question. Why? Why don’t you do those things if you know you have to do them?

  • Bill Way

    “ I’M DONE making excuses. Biggest ‘reminder’ tonight… 97% are motivated by desperation, only 3% by inspiration. How could I forget? Thanks so much for the wake up call. This changes everything!”

  • Laurie Blanscet

    “Michael Bernoff took that phobia away in about 15 minutes!! Something that had bothered me for over 35 years is now of no concern to me. I can walk near bees without feeling extremely anxious.”

  • Terri Shy

    “I have never felt so confident in my life as I did that day! It was a defining moment for me and it felt great! It’s amazing how beneficial personal development can fit in your life at the most unexpected times”

Because logically you know what to do. So what is stopping you? The answer is you. You are stopping you from doing what you want to do.

Change the way you play the game
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The one reason why you don’t get what you want in life is because your emotions make you focus on your challenges. Emotions rule the way you think and feel. Sales people have known this for thousands of years. People buy based on emotion, not logic. Sales people aren’t the only ones. Politicians also know that you vote based on emotion.

So how do you break out of that vicious cycle ? Well I have a few simple techniques I use to enable me to use my emotions to my advantage. Techniques that allow you to use your emotions to focus on solutions rather than challenges.

If you can master your emotions and use them to achieve good things in your life you will be able to conquer any challenge you have.
Whether you want to skyrocket your income, have better relationships, get into fantastic shape, or get over traumatic events, it starts and ends with the five elements in SHIFT.

It Only Takes 5 Key Things to Achieve a Life Changing Breakthrough -THE 180 SHIFT

Think about that person you want to be. Someone successfull in every area of their lives. Now multiply that by 10. That is just the start of your actual potential.

  • Self Confidence
  • Health Happiness & Harmony
  • Influence
  • Financial Success
  • Transformation Through Action
“There is a limitless supply of confidence at your fingertips... you just need to know how to tap into it.”

Warning: You will gain knowledge that will give you the confidence to do anything, ask for anything, and achieve anything! Nothing will be able to stop you.

Who This Is For:

This is an incredible life changing experience for those that lack self-esteem and confidence. And no matter how confident you think you are, you have not reached your potential. This is for the person who wants more out of their life. The person that, deep down, knows they are able to achieve bigger and greater things.

Imagine having the confidence to do anything. Even little things can make the biggest impact. I am going to give you a large number of proven strategies to skyrocket your confidence so that you can live a life beyond limits.

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  • Self Confidence
    “There is a limitless supply of confidence at your fingertips... you just need to know how to tap into it.”

    Warning: You will gain knowledge that will give you the confidence to do anything, ask for anything, and achieve anything! Nothing will be able to stop you.

    Who This Is For:

    This is an incredible life changing experience for those that lack self-esteem and confidence. And no matter how confident you think you are, you have not reached your potential. This is for the person who wants more out of their life. The person that, deep down, knows they are able to achieve bigger and greater things.

    Imagine having the confidence to do anything. Even little things can make the biggest impact. I am going to give you a large number of proven strategies to skyrocket your confidence so that you can live a life beyond limits.

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  • Health Happiness & Harmony
    “Being healthy and happy doesn’t have the ‘sexy’ ring to it that ‘money’ and ‘power’ have, yet it is the one thing that can’t be bought.”

    Get access to the most effective techniques for getting your personal life in the best possible shape. All other aspects of your life will be meaningless unless you apply these simple step by step techniques to catapult your personal lifestyle.

    Who This Is For:

    This is for the person that is tired of carrying the heavy burden of guilt and remorse. The person that wants improve the quality of their physical emotional and spiritual life and they are ready to be true to themselves.

    If you can control this one element of your life, you will be able to drastically change the way you look at the world. Anything and everything will be within reach. Find out what simple, but powerful techniques I have for you.

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  • Influence
    “Imagine having people hanging off your every word... Imagine being able to influence people to do your bidding - at will ”

    Warning: what you are about to learn can skyrocket your life to new levels that you have not experienced before. Being able to influence others comes with a great responsibility - so take it seriously.

    Who This Is For:

    This is for people who are tired of being dismissed by their boss, their family, friends, or even strangers. This is for people who want to take charge using a few easy-to-implement strategies to influence others.

    Become an influencer, connect with others & build trust fast by using this simple proven formula. Easily forge “know you, understand you, trust you” factor for overcoming resistance and objections almost every time.

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  • Financial Success
    “Think about how much money you want, now double that amount and you're just scratching the surface of your potential.”

    I’m sure you’ve heard or read of amazing rags to riches stories. Stories of people who were down and out until magically their life transformed. Well guess what? There is nothing magic about it. By following a specific formula you can also achieve that kind of success.

    Who This Is For:

    This is for people who want to be financially successful, whatever that may be for you. It could mean a few extra vacations a year or a certain amount in the bank or it could be the kind of success that makes your friends and family ask “golly gee how the gosh darn did you do that?” Now your family may not talk like the Flanders but you get my drift.

    There isn’t anyone on this earth (accept lottery winners) who got rich by accident. Financial success comes from following a predetermined formula. There are no secrets out there anymore, just the wrong way, an the right way.

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  • Transformation Through Action

    Nothing happens until action is taken. But action for the sake of action doesn't bring you want you want. The key is know what action needs to be taken and how to make the action a part of who you are so you don't even need to think about it.

    “Imagine that one life goal you wanted to achieve, and then picture yourself conquering it a thousand times. That is the power of Transformation Through Action.”

    WARNING: Goal setting is a feel good activity, but it has the potential to set you up for failure.

    Prescription: I am ordering a technique for you that will push past failure. If followed according to orders, this will transform you into a person who can naturally overcome ANY obstacle.


    Who This Is For:

    This is for people who want to transform themselves from where they are to being the best possible version of themselves. They want an easy-to-use techniques that becomes part of who they are so you naturally achieve you desired outcome.

    Don’t be the sucker who always sets life goals. You are setting yourself up for failure. Follow my powerful, but simple, steps to actually achieve what you want to in life. It only takes a couple of tweaks for this thing to take off in a massive way.

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